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Winter Test Tracks

Why act now

Empty mountain roads, deserted ski areas, unused parking space. The winter in Tyrol, Austria’s prime mountain region, is unique.
Seize this extraordinary opportunity and use it for your automotive content creation. Short social media clips or sophisticated commercials – produce content on empty mountain roads, drift areas and off-road tracks. Don’t hesitate, this chance is not going to wait!

Mountain Roads

Tyrol’s sublime mountain pass roads will turn into a playground for any kind of content creation and production this winter. Hundreds of spectacular bends and turns are waiting to become part of your footage.

Drift Tracks

Directly available and accessible drift tracks and areas in the Tyrolean mountains – outstanding panoramic views included.

Off-Road Tracks

Countless snow-covered forest roads. All difficulty levels. Picturesque mountainscapes.


Need for steep! All gradients, depending on the climbing capacity of the vehicles. Can be prepared as a snow piste or with ice cover.


Mountain hut feeling deluxe. Exclusive, modern and natural.
In remote mountain areas in Tyrol. Easily accessible.

Our new 3x3 method
of price calculation.



In all three price-classes we assure you, that you reach your destination safely, in every sense of the word. Every seat is unique – They do not differ in terms of quality, only service level, speed of delivery and response time (lower cost of delay) can change with limited capacities.

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We’ll get your automotive content creation right on track.

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